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We are a locally situated business; we cooperate with the best solar and roofing designers, engineers and consultants who have more than 5 years of accumulated experience. We have a highly-skilled team of expert solar technicians who will be quick to tend to your needs. We can handle anything related to your photovoltaic installation. Our photovoltaic-related services include the complete array of designing, roofing, an installing the equipment. By choosing us for your home roofing and photovoltaic installation, you are guaranteed to get high-quality work.

Adorn your Home with Green Energy in California

Solar panel installation are no easy tasks and only experienced contractors should be preferred. If possible, the ideal contractor should be adequate for the job while also respecting your budget. This kind of communication is our field of expertise, since our highly skilled staff are experts in determining the system that best fits your needs, and saves you money in the process. By evaluating your situation, our team of professionals will give you a fair quotation for the work-to-be-done, either it is roof repair or photovoltaic installation. We will carefully outline the project to perfectly fit your individual needs, and deliver it in time. What’s more, we can help you out by financing your solar installation or roofing work, no down payment required; we even provide a lifetime guarantee.

By choosing our no-down payment option, you don’t have to pay any cash at all for the first year. This gives you a 12-month head start to collect all available rebates for the system. In general, you could be receiving up to 45% of the total system cost from state and federal grants during that first year. When the grace period ends, you can choose to pay off the system’s balance, or take advantage of our wide selection of financing options to cover for it instead. By doing so, you will be up for just a low monthly payment that you can easily cover with the lower energy bill and the SREC earnings, achieving a remarkable cash surplus for the following 18 years. Switching to solar energy will do wonders to your revenue.

RSF Construction represent the best choice, from an investment point of view. By taking advantage of the available rebates, these systems are not only affordable, but also a revenue source for your home. By going solar, you protect the environment both now and in the long term. Solar power allows you to cut down or even completely cancel your energy costs, helps save the environment and, as an added bonus, you get access to a wide array of financial incentives. You could be eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit off the system’s installation cost. States are also expected to introduce their own rebate systems soon. With an average home solar panel installation you will receive more than $100,000 in monetary benefits, while getting back your investment in four to seven years.

Free Evaluation Information and Site Survey

If you think it’s time to participate to the solar movement, give us a call for residential solar in California, to get a free evaluation; a professional engineer will be happy to fill you in on any questions you may have on residential solar panels.